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Oct 19, 2018

As the DS9 S7 arc shifts up a gear, Anne-Marie and Peter cover Strange Bedfellows and The Changing Face Of Evil.

Next time, recording Friday 2nd November, they'll be looking at When It Rains and Tacking Into The Wind.


Oct 7, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter begin the final 9-part arc of S7 of DS9, covering Penumbra and Till Death Do Us Part.

Next time, recording Tue 16th October, they look at Strange Bedfellows and The Changing Face Of Evil.


Sep 23, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter catch the last two stand-alone episodes before the final 9-arc of S7- Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (aka- Latin Latin Latin Latin) and Badda-Bing Badda-Bang (and in that order for reasons we go into).

Next time we're looking at Penumbra and Till Death Do us Part. Recording Friday 5th...

Sep 8, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter's deterioration into senility continues as they fail to remember the name of 'that man in the mullet', and 'stock broker-guy from the past', plus Peter introduces A-M to a 3 year-old internet meme. #DownWithTheKidz

All in the name of covering DS9 episodes Field Of Fire and Chimera.

Next time,...

Aug 25, 2018

What is going wrong with S7 of DS9? Anne-Marie and Peter look at Prodigal Daughter and The Emperors New Cloak.

Next time, recording Friday 7th September, they move on to Field Of Fire and Chimera.