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Jun 16, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter begin their coverage of S7 of DS9 with Images In The Sand and Shadows And Symbols.
Next time, recording Wednesday 27th, they look at Afterimage and Take Me Out To The Holosuite,

Jun 2, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter struggle through Star Trek Insurrection, and emerge wanting to be able to speed up time, not slow it down any more than this movie does.

Normal service resumes with their DS9 coverage moving onto S7's Image In The Sand and Shadows And Symbols, recording Friday 15th June.


May 19, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter reach the end of S6 of DS9. Will there be an improvement in the quality of the stories? (Surely the only way is up from Profit And Lace?)

What we can say, is that there will be no improvement in the quality of the cinematic offerings of the TNG crew, as we cover Insurrection in our next cast,...

May 5, 2018

Will Anne-Marie and Peter survive the double-whammy of Profit And Lace & Time's Orphan?

Next time, they're very much hoping The Sound Of Her Voice & Tears Of The Prophets are an improvement, in bOrgCast 11.13, recording 18th May.


Apr 21, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter take in The Reckoning and Valiant.

Next time, recording Friday 4th May they dare to look at Profit And Lace, along with Time's Orphan.