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Welcome to the home of the bOrgCast!

Anne-Marie and Peter journey through Star Trek TNG, DS9, Discovery and Picard.

Expect beer, music and Peter drooling over spaceships.

Jun 28, 2014

The orgs look at Rascals and The Passenger. Featuring Peter waxing lyrical about Sparks, and Anne-Marie’s pitch for a Riker pr0n. Next time (recording 10th July) we cover Move Along Home and A Fist Full Of Datas. Feedback:

Jun 14, 2014

Covering the episodes Dax and True Q. Peter plumbs new depths of anal retentiveness with Gavel-Watch and Matte Painting-Watch, and you are treated to Anne-Marie’s rendition of a ‘classic’ MC Hammer number. Next time (recording 25th June) we look at Rascals and The Passenger....

Jun 3, 2014

aka Stangled Frog’s next album – Rul The Obscure. The orgs finally manage to cover Schisms and Q-Less without ruinatious technical mishaps. Next time (recording 12th June) they look at Dax and True Q. Feedback: