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Welcome to the home of the bOrgCast!

Anne-Marie and Peter journey through Star Trek TNG, DS9, Discovery and Picard.

Expect beer, music and Peter drooling over spaceships.

Nov 30, 2013

Will Masterpiece Society and Conundrum signal an escape from Trek’s beige phase? Peter and Anne-Marie find out. Next time (recording Thursday 12th) we cover Power Play and Ethics. All feedback welcomed-

Nov 16, 2013

aka Picard plays Orko. Peter and Anne-Marie give their views of Hero Worship and Violations. Next time we cover The Masterpiece Society and Conundrum. Recording 26th Nov. All feedback welcomed-

Nov 2, 2013

Do not adjust your numbering systems! In a change from the usual format, we attempt a commentary on Encounter At Farpoint, idiots that we are. This involves an unseemly amount of beer-can opening, Monster Munch eating and belching. Normal service will be resumed on 14th November when we’ll be covering Hero Worship...