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Welcome to the home of the bOrgCast!

Anne-Marie and Peter journey through Star Trek TNG, DS9, Discovery and Picard.

Expect beer, music and Peter drooling over spaceships.

Oct 30, 2017

Covering Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad. Is Peter still driven mad by Discovery? Does Anne-Marie still love it? And why didn’t they use the Bee Gees original ffs? Answers in this latest blast of madness from the orgs. DS9 service is resumed on Thursday as they cover Blaze Of Glory & Empok Nor.…

Oct 23, 2017

Covering episode 6, Lethe (however you’re supposed to pronounce that). More Discovery musings next week. Feedback-

Oct 21, 2017

The Klingon-heavy episode Soldiers Of The Empire pleases Anne-Marie, but you’re left in no doubt about her feelings on Children Of Time (rant warning). We’re planning on covering the next two episodes of Discovery on the Monday or Tuesday of the week they air, then it’s on to 10.12, looking at Blaze Of Glory...

Oct 16, 2017

Covering Discovery episode 5- Choose Your Pain. Have Anne-Marie and Peter been won over by the new series yet? We’re recording our next DS9 cast on Friday (20th), covering Soldiers Of The Empire  and Children Of Time. Feedback-  

Oct 15, 2017

A cheeky little bonus feedback episode whose main purpose in life is to get our numbering system on track- thank you to Jack Woodgate and PieMan for rendering such an important service. Normal service resumes tomorrow night (16th) with episode 5 covering… episode 5 of Discovery. GET IN!...