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Welcome to the home of the bOrgCast!

Anne-Marie and Peter journey through Star Trek TNG, DS9, Discovery and Picard.

Expect beer, music and Peter drooling over spaceships.

Jun 30, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter give their views on Afterimage and Take Me Out To The Holosuite. Fans of Baseball might want to skip the 2nd half.

Next time, recording Fri 13th July, we look at Chrysalis and Treachery, Faith And The Great River.


Jun 16, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter begin their coverage of S7 of DS9 with Images In The Sand and Shadows And Symbols.
Next time, recording Wednesday 27th, they look at Afterimage and Take Me Out To The Holosuite,

Jun 2, 2018

Anne-Marie and Peter struggle through Star Trek Insurrection, and emerge wanting to be able to speed up time, not slow it down any more than this movie does.

Normal service resumes with their DS9 coverage moving onto S7's Image In The Sand and Shadows And Symbols, recording Friday 15th June.